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Overwatch Banner by ChavisO2

Hello Heroes,

The game was released on May 24th 2016 and's May 24th 2017, but wow that was fast. :lol: From all the events we've been through were very fun and totally awesome. Honestly we should thank the creators for building this game and making it really fun for us to enjoy and even selecting the skins you want to use too. However I have to thank you all for joining this group and building this community I mean right now we have 4K members! :D Let's go ahead and move to the update news!

For this new event we have new three maps that is "Necropolis", "Castillo" and "Black Forest". Here's the catch though, but it won't be in the actual matches or comp matches so it will be in the arcade in 3v3 elimination matches. Least the maps are very cool! :la:

And then we have new skins and new dance emotes. The skins look super awesome as always, but I find it D.VA's Skin (Cruiser)  and Mei's Skin (Beekeeper) cute and hilarious. xD  However the dance emotes look really cool too, but very surprise to know that Junkrat's dance move was from Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air! :omg:

What do you guys think of the new skins, dance emotes and the maps? :D

Also Happy Anniversary Heroes!
Uprising Banner by ChavisO2

Hello Heroes,

I know it's a little old news since it was launch yesterday, but honestly the Overwatch Uprising co-op match was very fun and of course with four characters (And plus other option that you can do ALL HEROES) of Torb, Reinhardt, Tracer and Mercy! By the way the new skins between Origins (Reinhardt, Torb, Tracer, & Mercy), Blackwatch (McCree & Genji), Null Sector (Bastion & Orisa) and Talon (Widowmaker) look so cool. :D I even manage to get Mercy Origin Skin (for now). :lol: Anyway what do you guys think about the new event and the new skins? Do you guys like it or have thoughts about it? :la:
Orisa Banner by ChavisO2

Hello Heroes,

Yesterday they announce the new hero on Overwatch name "Orisa", but it's basically a machine like Bastion (expect having four legs which is super cool) and the class is tank too. However I sadly I haven't got back on Overwatch this week, but I will be jumping in really soon! :la: I did see Orisa's preview such as Fortify, Halt, Protective Barrier and (Ultimate Ability) Super Charger which it looks super cool, but pretty tough character to take down with those abilities...oh I almost forgot that the character has a minigun too. :lol: Anyway did you guys try out this new character if so, what do you guys think about this character? :la: I heard a lot of things from people saying Orisa is going to be OP for Overwatch. ^^;

3K members by ChavisO2

Hello Heroes,

I can't believe we have 3,000 members in this group and I have no words to say this, but thank you all for coming and be apart of this group and new members welcome to our club! :D However I might have a little update news in the future that we will be doing the 2nd Annual of Overwatch contest and prizes again! :la:

Overwatch Broadcast by ChavisO2

So I brought this up from few months ago about Overwatch Broadcast, but I was very surprise no one was talking inside that journal about their youtube channel for live streaming on Overwatch or even on Twitch too. Reason I was bringing this up is because I thought it will be a cool idea to make a social chat or watch someone's live stream for fun. Plus I was planning to create the list of Youtuber Live Streamers/Twitch Streamers so if someone was interested to watch someone's live stream. ^^; If anyone is interested to share about their youtube channel or stream channel in twitch please comment about it and I will create the list. :la:
V Day GIF by ChavisO2

Hello Heroes,

The Year of the Rooster Event is over and I bet you guys had a great time on "Capture the Rooster" or "Quick Play" to gather more loots or focus so much on the competitive matches to rank up. Plus today is Valentine's Day and I figure to make a short journal about it. :D However I did had a funny question for you guys, but should Blizzard create Valentine's Day Skins for each character? If so...what do you guys think they (each character) should wear? :la:

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